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Phantom Egger Hatching Eggs

Phantom Egger Hatching Eggs

WHO YOU GONNA CALL?  The Phantom Egger!


Our beautiful Phantom Eggers are a Birchwood Farms exclusive that we developed right here on our farm!  These birds are absolutely beautiful; they’re even prettier than we even imagined they could be when we were dreaming them up and selecting our crosses to make them!


Physical Characteristics

These hybrids hatch a smokey blue unlike anything we’ve ever seen; the color is dark, rich, and you’ll never have to wonder which blue birds are your Phantom Eggers by color alone.  At hatch, their skin and legs are dark slate gray, all the way down to their toenails.  As they blossom into young adults, the blue tones in their feathers really intensify into the exotic color you see in our photos.



Phantom Eggers are active and lively birds that will thrive in a free ranging environment, but they don’t seem to mind some confinement too so long as they have “chicken stuff” to do.  They’re non-aggressive and get along great with other members of the flock!


Egg Production

Egg production on Phantom Egger hens will be approximately 200 medium light green eggs per year.


    Phantom Egger orders are currently limited to a HALF DOZEN per order.

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