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by Birchwood Farms



Not your average chicken coop...

Whether you're a new Flock Mama or a seasoned pro, our chicken coops offer the peace of mind, aesthetic, and ease of use that you've been looking for.  Our coop build starts with a thoughtful design process - airflow, heat management, spaciousness, ease of cleaning and daily care, safety, structural integrity, and visual aesthetic are ALL taken into consideration.  We use premium materials in our building process and each coop is built from start to finish by hand in our shop.

Protecting Your Investment

Thirty years in the livestock business will teach you to take security against predators seriously.  Combine those years of experience on the farm with a working knowledge in home construction and metal-working and we've come up with a coop that's not only attractive as a part of your backyard, but also as close to predator proof as we believe can be possible. In addition to excellent structural integrity, safety measures that come standard on our coops include carbon steel mesh throughout the run area, and heavy duty doors and locking mechanisms.


Here in North Georgia, we're accustomed to hot, humid summers and cold, damp winters.  We built our coop to tackle both.  Our standard coop design entails FOUR 2x3 windows and a dutch door to the run for great airflow in the summertime, with solid shutters that can be closed up tight during the winter.

Heavy Duty Flooring

The base of our coops are constructed completely of pressure treated lumber and the subfloor coated with a professional grade water sealant, then lined with industrial rubber matting cut to fit the entire floor of the coop. This allows for easy cleaning, disinfection, and protection against the elements for a coop that will last for years to come.

The Features Your Chickens Want

If you're like us, you like to spoil your chickens rotten!  Our standard coop design includes construction of a six-gang nest box with 12x12x12 openings.  Nest boxes can be freestanding in the coop for those that like to go inside the coop to collect the rent, I mean eggs, or attached to the exterior for quick and easy collection.  Our roost bars........

Finishing Touches

We don't think a coop is finished without a proper paint job, inside and out.  Our coop is painted in the exterior side and trim colors of your choice as well as throughout the interior with quality exterior paint for durability.

Turnkey Extras

Our coops come with 

Contact us to start your dream coop.

Custom walk-in coops starting at $14,900.

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