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Farm to Table

Available locally to the Chattanooga area soon.

Home Grown Chicken

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Heirloom Vegetable Starts

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Angus Beef

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Home Grown
Chicken from
Standard Bred Programs

Chicken, the old fashioned way.

"WOW" the whole family with fine table fowl by Birchwood Farms!


Commercial agriculture makes use of only a handful of specialized breeds that supply a majority of the meat consumed globally.  The lack of diversity in our food system makes that system vulnerable in the event of war, disease, or natural disaster.  Heirloom breeds of livestock are the key to a more sustainable future.


Our table birds are bred for their respective Standards of Perfection.  In order to preserve these breeds, only the best birds, those that adhere the closest to their respective Standards Of Perfection and meet conformation and size requirements prescribed therein, are kept as breeders.  Anything that falls too far short must be culled so that only the traits truest to the breed and that serve the necessity of retaining their dual purpose traits, are retained in our breeding programs.


These are breeds that have been around for hundreds of years, that have a place in culture, and that, when bred responsibly to their Standard, retain their abilities to reproduce naturally, raise their own offspring, forage, and provide sustenance to families in the form of both meat and eggs for generations to come.

Our Standard bred birds are table delicacies.  These are not your average meat birds.

This is chicken how it was meant to be enjoyed.


Our meat breeds include:

- La Fleche: An endangered dual purpose French breed favored for it's short-fibered, delicate breast meat.

- American Bresse: The Cadillac of poultry...  Bresse chickens originated in France, and are the only chicken in the world with intramuscular marbling, making it one of the most sought after birds for fine dining.  This is a bird you treat yourself with.

About Our Program

Unlike modern hybrid meat birds, which take 6-8 weeks to make market weight, our birds are grown out for 20-22 weeks prior to processing.  This allows for a more robust flavor.


Our birds are fed a regionally sourced Non-GMO, corn and soy free ration free choice, with a vitamin and mineral supplement approved for organic feeding programs top-dressed as needed to support growth and development.  

Our birds are raised in spacious pens under our shed-row style barn.

Take a video tour here:

Our birds will spend their final day scratching, crowing, and soaking up sunshine.  We process our birds right here on the farm with facilities we built, on the same farm on which they were hatched and raised.  We age them for 48 hours for maximum tenderness and finally, shrink bag them and freeze them.



Available Locally

All Farm To Table products are to be picked up locally.  We do not ship these products.

Farm Store Pickups


12:00pm - 3:00pm

Ooltewah Farmers Market


0:00pm - 0:00pm

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