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  • What are your order minimums?
    A minimum of one full dozen hatching eggs is required as an order minimum, effective May 16, 2024. Orders that do not meet the minimum order requirement will be automatically cancelled.
  • Can we pick the breeds in Assortments?
    No. Our assortments are put together using the extras we have available that week and we cannot guarantee any particular breed. All breeds will be marked so you know what you have. We do try to create a colorful egg basket for you when putting together assortments.
  • Do you sex chicks?
    We do NOT sex chicks. All are sold as straight run only.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Order cancellations may be made within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, orders are final.
  • Can I change my order?
    If we have not already set the eggs for your chick order, you may alter your chick order by submitting an e-mail to - please be sure you include your order number and full name associated with the order and what alterations you would like to make. Alteration requests are fulfilled at our discretion.
  • How do I get on the waitlist for X?
    We do not keep traditional wait lists - it takes far too much time to e-mail everyone on a wait list. Shipping chicks and eggs are time sensitive endeavors to begin with and we simply do not have time to wait for each person down a wait list to respond or not. Instead, we work on a preorder basis - you order what you want and your order reserves you a slot in our books and shipping schedule for that breed. If you need eggs or chicks within a specific time frame, you MUST reach out in advance so we can check availability in that time frame.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship only within the continental US.
  • How much is shipping?
    We try to keep things simple. Priority Express (1-2 Day) shipping is included for chick orders, and Priority Mail shipping (2-3 Day) is included for hatching egg pricing. If you would like to upgrade your hatching egg shipping to Express, that option is available at checkout.
  • Can you export to X?
    We do not export eggs out of the continental US.
  • How do you pack your eggs?
    The way we pack our eggs is simple, yet effective. We start with a quality egg carton, cut bubble wrap and place it down in each opening. Eggs are then fitted inside the carton with the bubble wrap beneath them, filling up to eight spaces. This leaves the two spaces at each end open to absorb any impact in transit. The top inside of the carton is lined with bubble wrap, so that the eggs are completely encased inside that carton with padding. We then wrap the carton with at least two layers of bubble wrap before placing it into a box prepared with several sheets of packing paper for cushion at the bottom. The fit is snug to keep the eggs from moving - a key trait of any good packing job. We then further secure and pad the bubble-wrapped carton with additional packing paper around all sides, and filling the box to the brim for a tight fit.
  • Do you offer a Live Guarantee?
    We take shipping chicks extremely seriously. All chick shipments are accompanied by heat packs in cooler weather, GroGel, crumble, and nest padding. We use shippers without sharp corners to prevent overcrowding and trampling and every chick shipped is inspected prior to boxing to make sure they're vigorous and strong. We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee with all chick orders for 24 hours once they arrive at your post office. KEEP IN MIND - you are REQUIRED to pick chicks up the day of arrival and provide them proper care or the Live Arrival Guarantee is null and void. Any problems with your shipment are to be reported within 24 hours, no exceptions. In the event that there are casualties, simply fill out our Loss Form and, upon verification that chicks were picked up in a timely fashion and provided proper care, you will be offered replacements or a refund for the per bird value of losses (less our shipping costs) at our discretion, depending on the number of losses in the shipment and our current breed availability. View our Full Policies for additional information.
  • Do you sell started pullets/hens/etc?
    We may offer culls from our breeding programs or older breeding birds to interested parties. If we have them available, they will be under the "Shop" tab. When these birds are available, we will send out e-mails to our newsletter subscribers first, and make announcements on our social media pages thereafter. Pricing of these birds is case-by-case and dependent on multiple factors, including: 1 - Age 2 - If they're in one of our SOP programs, how closely they resemble their written Standard (are they pet quality, breeding quality, etc) 3 - Egg color, if that is a factor We can ship juvenile or adult birds so long as they are under USPS and shipping box weight restrictions. Shipping adults is not cheap - expect anywhere from $100-$150 in shipping charges on top of the bird price on these orders.
  • Can we tour the farm?
    No. We take biosecurity and the health of our birds seriously and we do not allow anyone to visit our birds. No exceptions.
  • What is your NPIP number?
    Our NPIP number is GA-2054.
  • Do you vaccinate chicks?
    At this time, we do not offer vaccinations for chick orders.
  • Do you check fertility frequently?
    We check fertilization, development, and hatchability in our pens quite often.
  • Do you guarantee hatch rate on hatching eggs?
    We check fertility often, and package eggs for success in transit. Once eggs leave our custody, though, we have absolutely no control over their viability. Therefore, hatch rates are not guaranteed.
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