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BCM - Black Copper Marans

BlCM - Blue Copper Marans

BTRM - Black Tailed Red Marans

ELO - English Lavender Orpington

GE - Galaxy Egger**

IA - Isabella Ameraucana

IL - Isabella Leghorn

JO/J Orp - Jubilee Orpington

LA - Lavender Ameraucana

LB/CL/CCL - Legbar

OE - Olive Egger

PD/PenD - Penedesenca

PE - Phantom Egger**

SE - Speckled Egg Project Pen**

SUL - Sultan

WA - Wheaten Ameraucana

WM - Wheaten Marans

WS - Welsummer

**Hybrid or project pen results can vary in appearance

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