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Speckled Hatching Egg Assortment

Speckled Hatching Egg Assortment

If you love speckles in a variety of colors, this is your ticket!  These hatching eggs come from different pens and hatch speckled olive and brown egg laying hybrids we've been working on or Welsummer, Black-Tailed Red Marans, Black Copper Marans, Crele Penedesenca, Wheaten Marans, or a combination of all, depending on what the girls give us for the week.  

  • Notice about speckling:

    While the best way to get hens that lay speckled eggs is to hatch from eggs that are highly speckled, we cannot in any way guarantee that every hen that hatches from speckled eggs will lay speckles, or that they will lay the same amount of speckles as their mothers.  We are working on several speckled lines within our program and we only ship eggs that we would hatch from ourselves.

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